Most Instagrammable Places in San Francisco

Whether you are a mega, Insta-famous, social media Influencer or an everyday Joe like me, you crave producing photo content that makes your friends and Followers jealous with envy. What better place to get your photo fix than San Francisco?

There are plenty of photo-worthy locations here for you to explore and take the perfect photo. And to make things easier on you, so that you can focus on your photography skills, we’ve put together a list of our favorite Instagrammable places that are just a small jaunt from the hotel.

1. Golden Gate Bridge

Of course, our number one most Instagrammable place in San Francisco has to be the Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge is iconic, and the most recognizable landmark in the city. For the best shot, take your photo up close, or from afar from any one of these three beaches: Marshall’s Beach, Baker Beach or China Beach.

Photo of Zhehong94’s shoes in the foreground and San Francisco Beach and the Golden Gate bridge int he background.

2. Mission District Murals

San Francisco’s Mission District is famous for its murals, most notably, the Carlos Santa mural painted by San Francisco own Mel Waters. An interesting fact – Santana once lived in SF’s Mission District, making this Instagram worthy mural even that much more special. Find this mural and others on 19th and Mission St.

Black and white tag art depicting music legend Carlos Santana.

3. The Palace of Fine Arts 

Just GORGEOUS! One of the most inspiring places, you’ve likely never heard of is the Palace of Fine Arts. Enjoy the classic Greco-Roman architecture, one of the last surviving structures from the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition. We recommend visiting during the “golden hour,” about an hour prior to sunset, for a truly magnificent capture.

Sunlight cascades through the archway of the Palace of Fine Arts while two white swans swim slowly across the placid pond.

4. Painted Ladies 

Another iconic San Francisco location is the 1960’s Victorian and Edwardian houses beginning at 710 to 720 Steiner St. Constructed during the Gold Rush, these houses were built with the intention to flaunt the city’s wealth; they are now a San Francisco picture staple.

Photo of the Painted Ladies during sunset.

5. The View Lounge 

Not far from the hotel, at Union Square, you may find The View Lounge located atop the Marriott Marquis hotel.  We suggest arriving when the doors open at 4:00 pm to grab a seat against the floor-to-ceiling windows. Get an up-close portrait, or if you’re feeling artistic, a silhouette shot taken from a distance.

The silhouette of a young women standing in the View Lounge during Sunset.

6. San Francisco’s Chinatown 

One of the oldest Chinatowns in North America, this landmark is one of the top tourist attractions in San Francisco. Enter through the Dragon’s Gate arch on the intersection of Grant Avenue and Bush Street. Indulge in Chinese culture, history, and events.

Young Asian man laughing in Chinatown

7. Japantown 

Japantown is a historic enclave with large indoor/outdoor complexes filled with restaurants and specialty grocery stores – a foodies paradise. That said, try the unique and Instagram worthy soft serve found all over Japantown—We suggest Uji Time for their popular fish-shaped cone. Located along Post Street in the Western Addition neighborhood.

First-person image of a women holding an ice cream dessert. The cone is shaped like a fish.

8. Novela Cocktail Lounge 

Libation enthusiasts, we have the perfect place for you to grab a shot, be it to quench your thirst or your creative eye. Head to 662 Mission St. for a cocktail in this literary-themed bar.

Photo of Novela’s book shelf.

9. Salt House 

Take a break from your long day of shooting and visit Salt House for bright, flavorful dishes you are sure to enjoy. But before you dig in, take a few snaps. Located at 545 Mission St.

Beautifully plated dishes grace Salt House’s dinning table.

To find more fun places to explore, check out our blog Tips for Exploring SoMa.

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