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You’ve arrived and you’re hungry, but where to eat? You’ll be glad to know that we have three on-site restaurants: Soma Restaurant, Cafe Venue, and Sushi Club.

If you are looking at exploring the city to find your favorite grub, we’ve decided to make things a little easier on you by providing a list of our favorites.  Just type the address into your google maps and you’ll be there in no time.

Our Favorite Restaurants

Zero Zero
Everyone loves Zero Zero; from families, hipsters, and business people. And if you’re craving Italian, stop in for amazingly cheesy pizza, beautifully composed Panzanella with basil pesto, gnocchi tossed in a hearty pork ragu and topped with dollops of ricotta.

Located at 826 Folsom St.

Popular for lunch and dinner, the menu features well-thought-out dishes with a touch of French culinary elegance, highlighting local, sustainable, and organic ingredients. This friendly restaurant is ideal for a solo diner who is looking for a cocktail and a full meal.

Located at 300 Spear St.

Nestled in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area is this urban, Indian-inspired restaurant and cocktail bar. A communal space for relaxed social dining, which charming, fresh, seasonal dishes inspired by the innovative spirit of modern India.

Located at 333 Brennan St.

Now open, Bellota offers refined Spanish cuisine in one of the most gorgeous spaces to debut in the city. Enjoy the airy bar or immerse yourself in the bustling dining room with paellas, tapas, pintxos, and wood-fired entrees.

Located at 888 Brennan St.

Chef Corey Lee creates a unique marriage of contemporary Asian influences like silky egg custard with faux “shark fin,” slivers of Jinhua ham, and umami-rich black truffles. Try the tasting menu at$228 and experience lobster coral xiao long bao (Shanghai soup dumplings).

Located at 22 Hawthorn St.

In Situ
Instagrammer/foodies get your phones ready! Located in the newly renovated SF Museum of Modern Art, In Situ reminds us that food is indeed art. Enjoy a rotating take on some of the world’s most celebrated dishes from Cecilia Chiang’s 1960 dish of pork, shrimp and cabbage potstickers to more contemporary hits like spicy David Chang’s pork sausage rice cakes ($22) from Momofuku in New York.

Located at the SFMOMA | 151 Third Street.

Alexander’s Steakhouse
A fine dining interpretation of the classic American steakhouse with Japanese influence. Featuring Hokkaido scallops and maitake mushrooms, and their Japanese Wagyu A5 grade beef sourced from almost 10 different places!

Located at 488 Brennan Street

Fringale, which means “the urge to eat,” pioneered the South of Market culinary renaissance as one of the first French bistros in San Francisco.

Since opening fourteen years ago, it has remained a favorite dining spot for food lovers, socialites, politicians, artists, celebrities, and journalists. The restaurant’s sponged eggshell colored walls, blond wooden chairs, sand, and earth-toned banquettes and wainscoting, and verdigris bartop create a dining environment that is sophisticated, intimate, and inviting.

Located at 580 4thStreet.

Our Favorite Bars

Louie’s Bar

This Financial District favorite was taken over in 2013 but retains its old-school charm. Kegs are stocked with a classic selection of beer, which can be enjoyed as boilermakers or on their own. Enjoy this establishment any night until 2 a.m.

Located at 55 Stevenson Street.

Dirty Habit 
This place really packs in the flirty post-work crowd, drawn to the enclosed patio and well-crafted cocktails. The menu features some of the city’s best bar snacks, from the incomparable wings to steamed buns with lamb belly, plus luxe dishes like foie gras and Robuchon potatoes with caviar.

Located on 12 Fourth St.

Anchor Brewing Taproom
If you’ve never been on a tour of San Francisco’s 119-year-old brewery, you need to go; if only to get access to Anchor’s taproom. Overlooking the brewhouse’s massive copper stills, the taproom (which has every Anchor Christmas Ale bottle since 1975 behind the bar).

Located at 495 De Haro Sreet.

House of Prime Rib
We know what you’re thinking, “a steakhouse on the list for one of our favorite bars?”  That’s Right! Order a Manhattan for under $10, drink it, then refill it TWICE with the sidecar shaker that comes with it. Not only is this an amazing “bang for your buck,” it’s the perfect place to chill after a long day on the town.

Located at 1906 Van Ness Avenue.

House of Shields
Talk about amazing, this place is beautiful. Restored to its original 1908 luster, this Financial District-er favorite is packed throughout the week, and and the striking interior is the reason why. That, and the out-of-this-world cocktails!

Located at 39 New Montgomery Street.

And finally, the list would not be complete without Marianne’s. This is about as good as secret bars get in San Francisco.  The intimate space offers vintage rock & roll vibes complete with low lighting, royal purple walls, and posh leather and zebra banquettes. Coupled with a sexy cocktail list, great music, and satisfying small plates from chef Jennifer Puccio, and Marianne’s is the perfect recipe for an unforgettable night out.

Located at 360 Jessie Street.

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